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JUNE 19, 2017

Beam has announced that some Iridium 9555/9575 (Extreme) handsets when upgraded to the latest firmware version (HT17001/HL17001) and docked in compatible Beam docking stations may display the error message “USB Cable DISCONNECTED/USB Cable CONNECTED” preventing normal operation. Other issues such as the handset rebooting or switching off while docked may also occur.

If you have already upgraded your firmware, are using Beam Docking Stations and have received the error code above, please revert your firmware to the previous version.

If you have not upgraded your firmware and are using a Beam Docking Station, upgrading to the latest firmware is NOT recommended until a fix for the error is received from the manufacturer.

If you have any questions, contact us for more information!


Questions & Answers

When I turn on my Iridium phone, I am prompted to enter a PIN-code. What is it? 

It means your SIM-card is protected by a PIN-code. The default PIN-code is 1111. To protect your phone and account from unauthorized use we suggest you set up (and memorize) a new PIN-code for your SIM-card (see page 133 of the user guide).

How to send a FREE text message to an Iridium phone?
One can send a FREE text message to an Iridium phone by visiting the Iridium Send SMS page.

How to test my Iridium phone and service for FREE?

By dialing 00-1-480-752-5105 from their satellite phone, Iridium subscribers can verify that their phone is working properly and familiarize themselves with the phone's operation - all free of charge. Callers will hear a recorded message confirming that their call was completed and offering quick tips on proper handset usage. This automated service allows subscribers to test their phones whenever and wherever they like.

How to send a free text message to Iridium phones via email?
Create a new email message addressed to, enter your message in the body of the email and send your email. Any text placed within the subject line will not transmit.

How to send a text message from Iridium to any email address.

  • Create a new text message.
  • In the body of the message, enter the destination email address.
  • After the email address, enter a blank space (|_|).
  • Enter the message you would like to send.
  • Continue with sending the message. When asked for the recipient, enter +*2, or 00*2, or *2.
  • Complete sending the message.

What is Two-Stage Calling To Iridium Phone?
Two-Stage Calling allows to call an Iridium phone via a US-based telephone number without incurring high charges of calling to satellite phones. The cost of the call is charged to the Iridium subscriber.

  • Dial from your land line or cell phone, you should hear the following message: "Welcome to the Iridium Satellite Global Network".1-480-768-2500
  • Enter the Iridium 12 digit satellite phone number (8816XXXXXXXX) you would like to reach.

How to setup the SMS Service Center Number?
Iridium subscribers must enter the SMS service center number prior to sending the first SMS message.

  • Press the 'Envelope' key on your Iridium phone (9505A).
  • Scroll to 'Message Settings'. Press OK.
  • Scroll to 'Service Center'. Press OK.
  • Enter 00881662900005 or +881662900005. Press OK.

Service Center on Iridium 9555/9575 Handsets

  1. Press the Menu Key on the handset.
  2. Use the Scroll Key to select the "Messages" option. Press Select.
  3. Use the Scroll Key to select the ‘Settings’ option. Press Select.
  4. Use the Scroll Key to select the ‘Service Centre’ option. Press Select.
  5. Enter 00881662900005 or +881662900005. Press OK.
This must only be done once, after which the Service Center number is stored in the phone.

How do I check voicemail?

1. Press ‘Menu’ key.
2. Select “Voicemail.”
3. Select “Call Voicemail.”
4. The phone will call voicemail.
5. The voicemail system will ask you to enter the satellite phone number; type in the complete number starting with 8816.
6. The voicemail greeting will being playing.
5. Interrupt the voicemail greeting with '"*" 
6. You will then be prompted to enter the PIN code. The default PIN code is the last 7 digits of the satellite number.
7. You will now have access to the VM inbox. Follow the system prompts as you listen to your voicemail messages.

If a problem occurs try the following:


Reprogram the voicemail retrieval number

1. Press "Menu" key.
2. Scroll to "Voicemail" and press "Select."
3. Scroll to "Voicemail Settings" and press "Select."
4. Scroll to "Voicemail Number" and press "OK."
5. Select “Number."
6. Type in +881662990000 and press "Save."
7. Press “Back” until home screen is reached.
8. Go through ‘Solution 2’ again.


Iridium 9-1-1 service: How does this work?
Any Iridium subscriber using Iridium voice service WITHIN the 50 United States, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands will have access to the emergency 9-1-1 call system. Outside the United States and its territories, a 9-1-1 call will NOT transfer to the emergency call center. Your call will terminate to a switch message instructing you to hang-up and dial the emergency provider or your service provider directly. For more details please view the Emergency 9-1-1 Service Launch Q & A page. It is highly recommended that you record all important emergency contact numbers for the area of the world you will be travelling in and store this information either in your phone book or with your travel documents.

How do I place a call from the Iridium satellite phone?
Turn the phone on, enter PIN number (if applicable), rotate the antenna upwards and fully extend the antenna. Once the phone is registered and has full signal strength, press and hold the '0+' key until the '+' appears in the display. This allows you to place a call from any country without knowing the local international access code. Once the '+' appears, dial the phone number as usual (ex. To the US:1 + area code + phone number). Press .OK,. and you will see "Calling" followed by the number you dialed. If the call connects and is answered, "Connected" will appear on the display for a few seconds, followed by "End Call". When you are ready to end the call, press "OK". If the call does not connect, the reason why will show on the display.

How do I receive a call on the Iridium phone?
When the phone rings, the phone will display "Call", followed by "Answer?" on the next line. Rotate the antenna upwards, fully extend the antenna, and press "OK," or press any digit key (1-9, * or #) on the keypad. To end the call, press "OK" OR press C.

How does someone place calls to my satellite phone?

There are a few ways to contact the Iridium handset:

  • The caller will dial their international access code (i.e., from the US 011) + your 12-digit satellite phone number. The caller pays for the call based on the rates that their long-distance service provider sets to dial the 881 country code. There is no cost to you for these incoming calls. If the call does not go through, it means that the caller's long-distance service provider does not have the 881 country code loaded into their system. Proceed to option #2 or #3.
  • The caller may dial the 'local' U.S. access phone number (1-480-768-2500). They will then be prompted to input your 12-digit satellite phone number, and the call will be placed to your Iridium phone. The cost to the caller is a standard long-distance call to Arizona. The cost to you for this service is $1.60/minute incoming. Please keep in mind that it may be cheaper to dial this U.S. access number from other countries, if the country that the caller is in does not have the '881' country code loaded.
  • If the service plan you subscribed to has voice mail and short messaging service (SMS), the person trying to contact you can send a short text message (under 160 characters) directly to your handset. Keep in mind that your handset must be on to receive the message, as the Iridium system does not store these messages. There are two ways to send a SMS message:
    • Visit our Send a Text Message page.
    • Open a new e-mail, and send to Do not include a subject line, as it will not be included in the message body. Type in a short text message (under 120 characters), and hit 'Send'.

Unable to make satellite calls.

  • Check the phone: Verify the ISU is powered on.
  • Check the SIM card: Verify the SIM card is inserted correctly.
  • Check the antenna: The antenna needs to be fully extended, attached correctly, and have a clear line of sight.
  • Check the signal strength meter: If signal is weak, move to an open space with a clear line of sight.
  • Confirm correct dialing pattern is being used: All satellite calls must begin with 00 or the '+' sign.
  • Confirm that the number dialed is valid: Check the number you are trying to reach.
  • Check the outgoing call barring setting from satellite phone:
    1. Press the Menu key.
    2. Scroll down to Call Related Features. Press ok.
    3. Scroll down to Call Barring. Press ok.
    4. Bar Outgoing Calls View options? Press ok.
    5. "Off" should display with a checkmark next to it.
  • Are you receiving any type of announcement or satellite phone display message? Verify announcements and check display messages.
  • Forced registration: Ensure the satellite phone is registered by performing forced-registration. Once "Registered" appears on the display, place a call to the following test number: +8816-311-10006 (this step ensures registration.)
  • If the problem persists: Please contact SatPhoneCity.

Unable to receive calls.

  • Check the phone: Verify the phone is powered on.
  • Check the antenna: The antenna needs to be fully extended, attached correctly, and the call is being made in a clear line of sight.
  • Check the signal strength meter: If signal is weak, move to an open space with clear line of sight.
  • Check the dialing pattern: Confirm the caller is using the correct dialing pattern.
  • Check the call forwarding and call barring settings:
    1. Press Menu key.
    2. Scroll down to Call Related Features. Press "OK".
    3. Scroll down to Call Forwarding. Press "OK".
    4. Scroll down to Unconditional Call Forwarding. Press "OK".
    5. Unconditional call forwarding should be Off.
  • Repeat steps to check Call Barring Incoming.
  • Check the ringer: Verify ringer is on.
    1. Press Menu key to Phone setup. Press "OK".
    2. Press Menu key again, to Adjust Ring Volume. Press "OK".
    3. Press up arrow to increase volume and down arrow to decrease volume.
  • Forced registration: Ensure the ISU is registered by performing forced-registration. Once "Registered" appears on the display, place a call to the following test number: +8816-311-10006 (this step ensures registration.)
  • If the problem persists: Please contact SatPhoneCity.

Unable to turn the phone's power on.

  • Press and hold the power key for three seconds to turn the phone's power on.
  • Check the battery. Is it charged and properly attached? Are the contacts clean and dry? Is the battery holding a charge?
  • If the problem persists: Please contact SatPhoneCity.

Don't have a signal.

  • Check the phone: Verify the phone is powered on.
  • Check the antenna: The antenna needs to be rotated towards the sky and extended.
  • Make sure that the antenna is firmly locked into the back of the phone. The antenna sometimes loosens during shipping:
    1. Make sure the antenna is in the down position (the white dots will be lined up).
    2. Press the button on the top of the phone by the antenna while locking the antenna into place.
    3. The antenna should be able to rotate, but should also stay in the position you leave it. The antenna should not rotate down on its own.
  • Make sure that there are no obstructions to the antenna, such as trees or buildings.

The battery won't charge.

  • Check the charger. Is it properly connected? Are the charger's contacts clean and dry?
  • Check the battery temperature. If it is warm, let it cool before recharging.
  • Check the battery contacts. Are they clean and dry?
  • Is it an old battery? Battery performance declines after several years. use. Replace the battery.
  • Make sure you have a Motorola-approved battery installed. If you see "Invalid Batt". in the display, you will not be able to charge this battery.

How do I register my 9505/9505A/9555 phone with the satellite network?

  • Press the up arrow, then 8 on the phone.
  • The phone screen will display "Registering".
  • When you see "Registered" and the signal strength indicator or the home signal on the phone screen, you are ready to make a call.
  • If you see "Rotate Antenna", extend antenna upward and make sure you have a clear view of the sky.
  • If you see "Call Failed," "System Busy," "Restricted Area," or "Weak Signal," this means the phone is unable to access the network. Try again in a few minutes.

Cannot register with the Iridium network.

  • Is a SIM card inserted into the phone?
  • Check to see that the antenna is securely attached, fully extended and rotated toward the sky, and that the phone is outside with a clear line of sight to the sky.
  • Turn the phone off and then on again and wait for the phone to register.
  • If the phone will not register, attempt to force registration by pressing the up arrow key and the number 8 on the phone's keypad.

The SIM card will not work.

  • Ensure your SIM card is inserted correctly. For the Iridium Satellite Series 9500, secure the gold faceplate facing up, and for the 9505 the gold faceplate should be facing down. Always make sure the phone is powered off when inserting or removing the SIM card.
  • Check the SIM and phone contacts. If they are dirty, clean them with an antistatic cloth.
  • If the card is visibly damaged or scratched, contact SatPhoneCity.

What do the display messages on my phone mean?

Power On Messages

  • Access Denied: Unregistered SIM: Contact SatPhoneCity..
  • Blocked: If the SIM card PIN code is incorrectly entered three times in a row, your phone becomes blocked. Please contact your Service Provider.
  • Blocked, Contact Your Supplier: Please contact SatPhoneCity immediately.
  • Check Card: This message indicates that the SIM card is damaged or inserted incorrectly.
  • Enter Phone Unlock Code: Your phone was locked after the last use. Enter your four-digit unlock code and press "OK."
  • Enter PIN: Enter the 4-8 digit SIM card PIN. If you are unsure what the PIN is, contact SatPhoneCity.
  • Enter PUK: Please contact SatPhoneCity.
  • Insert Card: Power off your phone; make sure your SIM card is inserted completely and in the correct direction. Then power your phone on again.
  • Registering: Your phone is registering with the network. When the process is complete, you will see "Registered".
  • Rotate Antenna or Orient Antenna: You also hear a tone when you see these messages. Extend the antenna upward and make sure you have a clear line of sight.
  • Searching: The phone is attempting to establish connection to the satellite.

Unable to unlock phone.

  • Enter your unlock code when the display flashes Enter Phone Unlock Code.
  • If you inadvertently locked your phone, enter the default phone unlock code, 1111 or new PIN code you set up.
  • If problem persists, please contact SatPhoneCity.

SIM card is locked up; Enter PUK message is displayed. When the wrong PIN Code is entered three times, the SIM card will lock up. If you cannot remember what the PIN Code is, do not keep attempting different combinations. This can cause the SIM card to become inactive, the display will flash "Contact Supplier," and the SIM card will then need to be replaced.

  • Contact SatPhoneCity to get the phone unlock code.
  • Enter **05*
  • Enter your unlock code when the display flashes "Enter Phone Unlock Code".
  • Enter a new PIN Code that is easy to remember. Note: You can disable the PIN Code if you wish.
  • If problem persists, please contact SatPhoneCity.

What do the service light indicators mean?

  • Alternating Red and Green: An incoming call.
  • Flashing Green: You are receiving a signal from the satellite and can place and receive calls.
  • Flashing Yellow and Red: You did not successfully register with the satellite and cannot receive any incoming calls. Your SIM card may be inserted incorrectly, may not be inserted, or you may be in a restricted area. (See message on phone)
  • Flashing Red: Service is not available.

How do I eliminate interference from Inmarsat terminals?
The following document is provided to help explain the interference that may be experienced when using an Iridium handset in the presence of an active Inmarsat terminal.

Click here to access this document.

How do I use the quick access keys on the Iridium Satellite Series 9500?

  • Up Arrow and 1 - Find phone book entry by name.
  • Up Arrow and 2 - Check signal strength.
  • Up Arrow and 3 - Call voice mail.
  • Up Arrow and 4 - Show battery meter.
  • Up Arrow and 5 - Lock phone now.
  • Up Arrow and 6 - Turn vibrate alert on/off.
  • Up Arrow and 7 - Read messages.
  • Up Arrow and 8 - Register with the satellite network now.
  • Up Arrow and 9 - Turn forwarding all calls on/off.

How do I disable the SIM card PIN code?

  • Press Menu.
  • Scroll to Phone Setup. Press "OK".
  • Scroll to Require SIM Card PIN?. Press "OK".
  • Scroll to Off. Press "OK".
  • You will be required to enter your PIN code. Press "OK".
  • 'Completed' will be displayed.

How can I display my SIM card phone number?

  • Press Menu until you see Phone Book, and then press "OK" to select.
  • Press Menu until you see My Phone Number(s), and then press "OK" to select.
  • Your SIM card phone number will be displayed.
  • Press and hold C to exit the menu. Note: If you do not see your number(s), they have not been programmed onto your SIM card. Contact SatPhoneCity for more information.

How do I access my personal mailbox?

  • Dial Iridium handset number or 8816-629-90000.
  • Wait for voice prompt.
  • Enter the number you are trying to reach (ex. 8816-314-XXXXX) if you dialed the access number.
  • Interrupt voice mail greeting by pressing *. (Start here if calling phone directly)
  • Wait for prompt to enter password.

Download the Personal Mailbox Quick Reference Guide (PDF: 228.7 KB)

What is the Mailbox Default Phone Password For the Iridium Satellite Phone only account: last 7 digits of satellite phone number.

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