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Posted by C. Hallam on

Helping the hungry with 'bucket kits'

Africa is known for having some of the most severe weather of any continent. With much of its land mass straddling the equator, inhabitants have been battling the elements in a search for food since the dawn of mankind.In many African countries, successful farming is a major challenge, as these environs require farmers to rely [...]

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Iridium Extreme has the phone of choice for sailing professionals

When it comes to sailing, a satellite phone is the essential first mate. These devices make sure you stay in contact with the outside world no matter what - an especially comforting notion if you come across inclement weather or rough, an online authority on all things that take place on the high seas, [...]

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Basic equipment that experts recommend for adventure travel

When embarking on any adventure, follow the advice of travel experts, who suggest that having certain gear in tow will be sure to help you when the unexpected happens. Even a simple camping trip in the mountains can turn into a nightmare if the proper precautions aren't taken to ensure that your trip runs as [...]

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Lessons learned through adversity: A look back on the Everest avalanche tragedy

SatPhoneCity recently supplied the satellite equipment to Madison Mountaineering for their Mount Everest expedition. It turned out to be a trajic event and this press release from Thuraya explains it all in great detail:

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