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Global Landbased Voice Service

IsatPhone Link is a low-cost, landbased global satellite voice service from Inmarsat. It delivers clear voice quality, circuit switched data and SMS messaging communications.


IsatPhone Link key benefits

  • Clear voice service (2.4 kbps).
  • Single and multi-user capability: connections of up to 5 standard phones or integration to a PABX system.
  • Reliable and lightweight terminals and antenna; easy to install.
  • Ruggedized for outdoor use
  • Global coverage on Inmarsat’s I4 network.
  • Messaging: text-to-text, text-to-email, web message to IsatPhone Link.


 IsatPhone Link Standard Plan Price  IsatPhone Link Allowance Plan Price
Included Minutes Per Month 10 Minutes  Included Minutes 60 Minutes
One Time Activation Fee Free  One Time Activation Fee Free
Monthly Fee $44.95  Monthly Fee $64.95
Annual Plan Option $499.95  Annual Plan Option $749.95
To Fixed (PSTN) – Voice/Fax/Data $0.99/minute  To Fixed (PSTN) – Voice/Fax/Data $0.89/minute
To Cellular – Voice/Fax/Data $1.07/minute  To Cellular – Voice/Fax/Data $1.07/minute
Voicemail $0.99/minute  Voicemail $0.89/minute
To BGAN/FBB/SBB – Voice $0.99/minute  To BGAN/FBB/SBB – Voice $0.89/minute
GSPS/SPS – Voice $0109/minute  GSPS/SPS – Voice $0.99/minute
To Iridium $9.99/minute  To Iridium $9.99/minute
SMS $0.49/message  SMS $0.49/message
Contract Length 1 Month  Contract Length 12 Months
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