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Iridium Extreme has the phone of choice for sailing professionals

Posted by C.Hallam on

When it comes to sailing, a satellite phone is the essential first mate. These devices make sure you stay in contact with the outside world no matter what - an especially comforting notion if you come across inclement weather or rough waters., an online authority on all things that take place on the high seas, recommends the best products on the market to take on a boating expedition. When it comes to satellite phones, Nancy Knudsen of Sail-World Australia relies solely on the Iridium Extreme for its unparalleled durability and waterproof design.

Knudsen remarked how this model was the first one to offer fully integrated services of customizable GPS, online tracking and emergency notification specifically to the family or friends of the device's owner.

"That feels good to me. Not only do I want the regulatory authorities to know when I am in trouble, I want someone with a vested interest in my safety to be chasing them up as well," Knudsen said in her review of the phone.

This device also comes equipped with Iridium AxcessPoint, which can make a wi-fi hot-spot on your boat wherever you are sailing, granting you further connectivity.

The durability and construction of the device also impressed Knudsen, who has had some terrible experiences with phones that have left her stranded in serious times of need. Once while sailing the Red Sea, she was without contact in the water with no access to civilization because a lesser model of satellite phone had not withstood water damage despite being advertised as waterproof. The Iridium Extreme has never given Knudsen trouble, she notes in the review, and is her go-to satellite device whenever she is embarking on a voyage.

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