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Basic equipment that experts recommend for adventure travel

Posted by C.Hallam on

When embarking on any adventure, follow the advice of travel experts, who suggest that having certain gear in tow will be sure to help you when the unexpected happens. Even a simple camping trip in the mountains can turn into a nightmare if the proper precautions aren't taken to ensure that your trip runs as smoothly as possible.

Conde Nast's Daily Traveller, an online blog dedicated to travel tips, recommends a few pieces of equipment that explorers on any kind of trip should consider looking into.

For starters, waterproof materials are key given the unexpected whims of Mother Nature's temper. Should there be an unexpected rain, snow or sleet storm, you'll be glad that you brought along containers for your electronics and food that will keep them dry in almost any situation.

The blog also recommends that having some sort of GPS system handy is a perfect way to ensure you don't fall off the grid or end up stranded in a remote location. Although compasses go a long way in keeping you on the right path, there's little excuse to go without GPS technology in this day and age, as even most cell phones come with a positioning system installed.

However, you may find yourself in an area where your trusted cellular device may not get reception, and your GPS is no good to you. This is why The Daily Traveller recommends you always bring a satellite phone with you on every journey.

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