Iridium 600 Minute Prepaid Card - 1 year expiry, unused minutes carry forward

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Providing a 1 year expiry & 600 minutes / 36,000 units

Prepaid Iridium Services 

Convenient solutions that work everywhere! Try Iridium prepaid services on your next trip abroad. Convenient and well-priced, it's an easy way to make sure that your phone is ready when you need it without the expense of long term contracts. Customers in seasonal industries will find our prepaid cards are a great way to carry on with their business while keeping costs under control.  

Why should you use SatPhoneCity Prepaid? 

  1. No contract
  2. No activation fee
  3. No deposits
  4. No credit check
  5. Minutes “roll forward” as long as more minutes are added prior to expiry
  6. Free “expiry alerts”. Never lose your minutes again


A new Iridium prepaid plan includes: 

  1. Iridium SIM-card  
  2. Activation of all services
  3. Preloaded minutes
  4. Free voicemail
  5. Up to 2-year validity
  6. A global telephone number


Service Type

Rate per minute

Voice calls to fixed or cellular phones

60 units

Iridium-to-Iridium calls

30 units

Data Communications (per minute)

60 units

Calls placed to other satellite systems

540 units

Checking voicemail box

30 units

Contacting Customer Service


Receiving calls with an Iridium phone


Receiving calls via the Iridium 2-stage dialing service

60 units

Receiving SMS-messages


Checking account balance via 2888




All prepaid SIM cards (with the exception of the 1 month, 75 minute card) will receive expiry alert notifications via email as a courtesy to warn you that you may be without service if additional airtime is not added.  

Iridium prepaid minutes that have been carried over for more than three (3) years will be expired from prepaid account balances on a daily basis as they reach their Maximum Age Limit.


The most cost effective way to receive calls to your Iridium phone is by using the Iridium special 2-stage service number, 1-408-768-2500. The caller will be prompted to input your Iridium satellite phone number and the call will then be transfered to your phone. Please remember that these incoming calls are charged against your prepaid balance at a cost of approx. $1.75/Minute.


1) Calls are debited in 20 second increments. When making Iridium-to-Iridium voice calls, calls are debited at half the rate of an Iridium-to-Land line call (Example: If a user were to exclusively make Iridium-to-Iridium calls, a 500-minute plan would actually produce 1000 minutes (2X the minutes) for the satellite user).

2) Unused minutes are forfeited upon expiration. Card is permanently deactivated 90 days after expiry if not recharged. Expiry dates are cumulative up to 2 years.

3) Outgoing SMS (i.e. text messaging) are debited in 20 second increments, for qualifying prepaid plans.

4) FREE Services: Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Call Barring and Incoming SMS. NO ACTIVATION FEES!

5) Remaining minutes are announced before each call made. To query minutes: Use toll free number 2888 from Iridium satellite phone.

6) Please note that calls made to another satellite network (InMarSat, Globalstar, Thuraya) are debited at a higher rate than a standard Iridium-to-Land line call.