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Beam PotsDOCK 9555 Voice & Tracking Bundle - Complete Kit

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Beam Products
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Product Description

Beam PotsDOCK 9555 is an intelligent compact docking station specifically designed to support RJ11 / POTS, Bluetooth and inbuilt GPS transforming the Iridium 9555 satellite handset into an intelligent feature rich device. PotsDOCK allows the 9555 handset to be used in a wide variety of applications, the intelligent RJ11 / POTS interface enables standard corded, cordless or DECT handsets to be used or alternatively interfaced with a PBX system presenting standard ring, busy and dial tones like a standard phone network.

PotsDOCK also has an inbuilt Bluetooth module for voice connectivity along with an intelligent tracking and alert reporting system utilizing the inbuilt GPS engine of the PotsDOCK. The alert & tracking module can be configured to support periodic polling or emergency alert reporting.

The Iridium 9555 handset fits securely in the docking station, which features inbuilt Bluetooth, USB data, phone charging and integrated antenna, data and power connection making it possible to keep all antenna cables and power permanently connected to the dock ready for use. The Iridium 9555 handset is easily inserted and removed by the press of a button on the top of the PotsDOCK making it very easy to remove the 9555 at anytime with the peace of mind knowing it will always be fully charged.

PotsDOCK also supports the use of an optional compact Beam Privacy Handset that can be located next to the PotsDOCK for added convenience if required.

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. Iridium AxessPoint compatible
. RJ11/POTS Connectivity
. Ring, Busy & Dial tones
. In-built GPS alert & tracking system
. Bluetooth Voice Connectivity
. USB data Port
. Integrated antenna connection
. Charges 9555 Handset
. 9 - 32V DC Input
. Supports Voice & Data services
. Inbuilt Ringer
. Easy & Convenient Installation
. Optional Handset - Privacy mode
. Superior voice quality
. Universal Mounting Bracket
. Fully Certified – Including ROHS
. Easy to install


Easy access to voice services

Voice services can be easily accessed using standard telephone handsets, standard corded, cordless, DECT or alternatively integrated to a PBX system.

PBX RJ11 integration

The PotsDOCK terminal can be integrated into a PBX system within a building, making it possible to make and receive calls from any handset connected to the PBX. Using the analogue RJ11 phone line also makes it possible to run telephone cables up to 1000m from the PotsDOCK terminal.

Compact privacy handset

The optional compact Beam Privacy Handset can be installed, which answers calls simply by removing the handset from its hang up cup and provides a compact handset that can be installed close to the PotsDOCK.


All data services are easily accessible using either the USB connector on the cradle or the inbuilt wireless Bluetooth interface.

Bluetooth voice and data technology

Voice and Data services can be easily accessed using a Bluetooth receiver or laptop paired with the Beam PotsDOCK. This is a very convenient way of integrating Bluetooth to the 9555 handset for various hands-free or data applications.

Tracking/alert monitoring

PotsDOCK has an inbuilt GPS module that can provide simple tracking, monitoring and alert management if required for various transport and personnel monitoring applications. The GPS provides pinpoint accuracy and enables tracking worldwide; tracking and alert messages can be sent via SMS or Short Burst Data, if provisioned on the handset. Beam’s LeoTRAK-Online web-based global tracking system enables easy access to track, trace and monitor any vehicle or fleet of assets anywhere on earth. PotsDock’s tracking and alert messages can be easily sent to LeoTRAK-Online or any other tracking application or email address as required.


Beam’s proprietary web-based tracking, monitoring and fleet management system, LeoTRAK-Online, provides global access to monitor any personnel or assets worldwide. LeoTRAK-Online is a state of the art, highly-advanced system. LeoTRAK-Online has been designed from the ground up to ensure that users have the performance and features required to monitor and manage individual or fleets of all sizes efficiently and cost-effectively.

Power input

The PotsDOCK supports a 9 – 32 VDC power input which can be a direct DC input or from the AC 110/240 plug-pack included in the kit (requires country-specific monitor cable).

Robust mounting options

The PotsDOCK is supplied with a high-quality RAM-Mount fixing system to adapt to various installations. It is also possible to mount the PotsDOCK directly to a wall.

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