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Fleet Broadband Support

 May 1, 2013: Thrane & Thrane critical firmware update for FB SAILOR and BGAN EXPLORER

 SatCom Global have been informed by Inmarsat that the latest firmware version 1.16 will be feature critical for all Thrane & Thrane FB SAILOR 150, 250, 500 and BGAN EXPLORER 325 and 727 units by 1st June 2013.

 Terminals not upgraded to this firmware version will not be able to receive calls on the IP handset. Only the terminals listed above using the Thrane & Thrane/Cobham IP handset will be affected. Terminals with a standard two wire handset will continue to work as normal.

 Other features included in this release:

  • Support for Fax and 3.1kHz Audio on SAILOR 150
  • Restoration of an open PDP context on a UT power cycle
  • Support to ThraneLINK, a sophisticated communication protocol that connects the SAILOR products in a network

Please download the latest firmware from the knowledgebase article 552 for BGAN and knowledgebase article 758 for FleetBroadband.


Get up and running fast with these new user manuals

Getting started with FleetBroadband LaunchPad 1.78MB PDF
FleetBroadband Best Practices Manual 1.7MB PDF
Using FleetBroadband LaunchPad on the JUE-250/500 1.07MB PDF
Configuring the FleetBroadband terminal for static IP 567KB PDF
Voicemail user guide 160KB PDF



Application user guides

General guides
Using FTP over FleetBroadband 198KB PDF
Using email over FleetBroadband 707KB PDF
Using SMTP over FleetBroadband using the BGAN APN 976KB PDF
Solution sheets
Using AFIANT over FleetBroadband 125KB PDF
Using eFax over FleetBroadband 163KB PDF
Using the Infonic Geo-Replicator over FleetBroadband 266KB PDF
Using RAD Vmux voice trunking over FleetBroadband 697KB PDF
Using AmosConnect over FleetBroadband 693KB PDF
Using C-Map over FleetBroadband 451KB PDF
Virtek - Least cost/Crew Welfare solution 167KB PDF
Using OCENS Weather net 278KB PDF
Using GTMail with FleetBroadband 616KB PDF
Using Clearpoint weather delivery with FleetBroadband 132KB PDF
Using the GMN webXaccelerator over FleetBroadband 422KB PDF
Using the I2D over FleetBroadband 1.61MB PDF
Using Servicom G.R.I.P. over FleetBroadband 1.32MB PDF
Using Vobal VoIP solution over FleetBroadband 382KB PDF
Using Vobal GSM solution over FleetBroadband 3MB PDF


The Inmarsat FleetBroadband service is now available around the globe, delivered through our global network of I-4 satellites.

The map below depicts the three I-4 satellite coverage regions.



This map depicts Inmarsat’s expectations of coverage, but does not represent a guarantee of service. The availability of service at the edge of coverage areas fluctuates depending on various conditions. FleetBroadband coverage February 2009.

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