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BGAN Support

 Below is a great video from Inmarsat which details the set-up and use of a BGAN terminal:



How do I connect by laptop to the BGAN terminal?

Your laptop can be connected to the BGAN terminal using either an Ethernet or USB cable. Both cables are included with the ISS BGAN System. If you are using an Ethernet cable, connect one end of the cable to your laptop computer and the other end of the cable to the similar port on the BGAN terminal. No additional software or drivers are required.

If you are using a USB cable, you must install the USB driver on your BGAN terminal before you connect your laptop. The USB driver is located on the CD-ROM included with the BGAN system or on BGAN software downloads.

What is BGAN Launchpad Software? How do I install the software on my laptop?

BGAN LaunchPad is the software user interface that enables you to connect to the Inmarsat satellite network through your laptop computer. The installation software for BGAN LaunchPad is located at BGAN software downloads.

Please note that BGAN LaunchPad is frequently updated and when a new update becomes available, it will notify you. If this does not happen don't worry, ISS will contact you if any updates are required along with instructions on how to install them.

For detailed instructions on installing BGAN LaunchPad please refer to the User Guide section.

What should I do if my PC does not detect the BGAN terminal?

If your laptop or PC is not detecting the terminal, first make sure the Ethernet or USB cable is secure. Check your computer's TCP/IP settings to ensure they are set to use DHCP. Next, release or renew your computer's IP address and try again. Now configure the Proxy/Firewall on your computer to allow BGAN "IP". Please consult your User Guide or contact us if you require help with any of the above steps

How do I obtain a GPS fix for my BGAN terminal?

Before you can start using your BGAN terminal, it must acquire a GPS fix. This tells the satellite where you are located so that it can then assign a spot beam to the terminal. You must be in a wide open area with a clear unobstructed view of the sky. Connect the BGAN terminal to your laptop computer and open BGAN LaunchPad. Lay the BGAN terminal flat on the ground with the face of the terminal pointed directly upwards towards the sky. Once the BGAN terminal is turned on, it will automatically search for and acquire a GPS fix. You can verify that a GPS fix has been completed by watching the GPS status indicator on BGAN LaunchPad. For detailed instructions on acquiring a GPS fix please refer to the User Guide included with your BGAN system

How do I point my BGAN terminal to the satellite network?

The BGAN terminal must be manually pointed to an Inmarsat satellite before it can register with the satellite network. Once a GPS fix is acquired, BGAN LaunchPad will display the recommended antenna angle and compass direction you should point the terminal to. Move the terminal up and down, side to side while watching the signal strength indicator on BGAN LaunchPad. Minor adjustments should be made to the direction and angle of the BGAN terminal until the strongest signal strength is achieved. For detailed instructions on how to point the BGAN terminal please refer to the User Guide included with your BGAN system

How do I register my BGAN terminal on the satellite network?

After you have correctly pointed the BGAN terminal to the satellite network, you must register the terminal on the network before you can connect to the Internet. Simply click on the "Register with network now" button on the BGAN LaunchPad interface. The message "Registered with network" will appear in the display once registration is complete. This process may take up to 10 minutes. For detailed instructions on how to register the terminal on the satellite network please refer to the User Guide included with your BGAN system

How do I initiate a data connection with my BGAN terminal?

To browse the Internet, send and receive email, and use other IP applications, you need to open a standard data connection. By default, when you first register with the BGAN network, the terminal should open a standard data connection for you. To open or close a data connection, click on the "Data" icon in BGAN LaunchPad, this will open the "Data Connections" tab. Once the standard data connection is established, you will be connected to the Internet. Remember to close your standard data connection whenever you are not using your laptop computer to avoid unnecessary charges. For detailed instructions on how to initiate a data connection please refer to the User Guide included with your BGAN system.

How do I make a telephone call using my BGAN terminal?

Many BGAN terminals have an RJ-11 port that lets you plug in and use any analogue phone to make satellite calls; you'll even hear the standard dial tone through the handset of your telephone. The BGAN terminal included with your system offers this functionality.  Once you are registered with the BGAN satellite network dial "00", the country code, the number you are trying to reach, followed by the "#" key. For example, to call SatPhoneCity, you would dial 00 1 281 619 8767 #. For detailed instructions on how to make a telephone call using the BGAN terminal please refer to the User Guide included with your BGAN system.

How do I send a free text message to an Inmarsat terminal?

You can send a free SMS to any Inmarsat device by email. All you need is the Inmarsat phone number starting 87077.

Simply send an email to "Your Inmarsat Phone Number"

How do I set-up voicemail on my Inmarsat BGAN terminal?

For information on setting up and listening to your Inmarsat voicemail download the Inmarsat BGAN Voicemail Guide.

BGAN Launchpad

BGAN LaunchPad is the software user interface that is standard across all terminals.
Download BGAN LaunchPad
BGAN LaunchPad for land mobile terminals is compatible with:
  • Wideye Sabre 1
  • Nera WorldPro 1000
  • HNS 9201
  • Thrane & Thrane EXPLORER 300
  • Thrane & Thrane EXPLORER 500
  • Thrane & Thrane EXPLORER 700

TCP Accelerator

Send faster emails and data files via BGAN using TCP Accelerator software. The BGAN TCP Accelerator is now available for Windows XP and Mac OSX for PowerMacs and Intel Duo hardware. The Accelerator is an application that is installed on a BGAN user's computer and significantly enhances the performance of TCP traffic over BGAN in the SEND direction.

For Windows XP please take the following two steps to install and use the TCP Accelerator:

For Mac OSX there are three steps to use the TCP Accelerator:

In an emergency, the Inmarsat Customer Services Technical Helpdesk is available to assist with urgent enquiries. Users should quote their SIM card number when contacting us.

To contact Inmarsat Customer Services:

Tel: +44 (0)20 7728 1300
Fax: +44 (0)20 7728 1142

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