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Helping the hungry with 'bucket kits'

Posted by C.Hallam on

Africa is known for having some of the most severe weather of any continent. With much of its land mass straddling the equator, inhabitants have been battling the elements in a search for food since the dawn of mankind.

In many African countries, successful farming is a major challenge, as these environs require farmers to rely on challenging irrigation systems to water their fields. The problem with this is that many residents don't have the resources to construct these vital waterways, making hunger a huge problem for people throughout the continent.

Margaret Hartley, a columnist for Schenectady, New York's Daily Gazette, wrote an article on October 1 discussing a friend of hers who is currently across the Atlantic trying to find agricultural solutions to Africa's food scarcity.

Talking to Hartley via satellite phone, her friend explained the mechanics of a 'bucket kit,' a simple technology which he believes will help feed Africa while preserving water.

The design includes a basic five gallon bucket, a small hose and couplers that hang above a plant and drip small amounts of water onto the soil throughout the day, rather than soaking an area with a traditional pourer sporadically.

Especially in arid climates where the soil is dry and less absorbent, precious water will roll off the surface of the dirt and not sink down to the seeds or roots before evaporating. Consistently dripping water on top of an area of soil can help it maintain moisture throughout the day and be more successful at sustaining a living plant.

Hartley has kept in contact with her friend as he has travelled throughout the continent and continually reported back on his successes. SatPhoneCity has satellite phones and service plans that are perfect for anyone looking to do good when travelling to a remote location. Chat with us live online or call us at 1.866.473.6044 for more information.

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